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    上善若水。水善利萬物而不爭,處衆人之所惡,故幾於道。居善地,心善淵,與善仁,言善信,正善治,事善能,動善時。夫唯不爭,故無尤。 The highest good is like water. Water’s goodness benefits ten thousand things without competing, it dwells among what people despise, & therefore is nearly like Tao. Live in a good place, hearts are good deep, take part in goodness with benevolence,speak with goodness by being trustworthy,correctness brings goodness to governance,do work well by being […]

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    天長地久。天地所以能長且久者,以其不自生,故能長生。是以聖人後其身而身先;外其身而身存。非以其無私耶?故能成其私。 Heaven & earth last forever. The reason why heaven & earth are able to last forever is because they do not live for themselves. For this reason they endure. Therefore sages put themselves last, yet also first; their self is foreign, yet their self is preserved. Is it because they are selfless? For this […]

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    谷神不死,是謂玄牝。玄牝之門,是謂天地根。綿綿若存,用之不勤。 The harvest spirit doesn’t die,it is the female mystery. The female mystery’s gateway,is the root of heaven & earth. Continuously existing,used without effort.

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    天地不仁,以萬物為芻狗;聖人不仁,以百姓為芻狗。天地之間,其猶橐籥乎?虛而不屈,動而愈出。多言數窮,不如守中。 Heaven & earth are impartial,they treat ten-thousand things like straw dogs;Sages are impartial,they treat one-hundred people like straw dogs. Between heaven & earth, is it like a bellows? Emptied, yet not used up,used, yet more emerges. Regard many words as exhausting,better to observe the center.

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    道沖而用之或不盈。淵兮似萬物之宗。挫其銳,解其紛,和其光,同其塵。湛兮似或存。吾不知誰之子,象帝之先。 Tao pours like water; useful when emptied. Deep — like an ancestor of ten-thousand things. Soften this sharpness,solve this confusion,temper this brightness, same as the Earth. Clear like water; might it continue. I don’t know whose child it is,appearing before God.

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    不尚賢,使民不爭;不貴難得之貨,使民不為盜;不見可欲,使心不亂。是以聖人之治,虛其心,實其腹,弱其志,強其骨。常使民無知無欲。使夫知者不敢為也。為無為,則無不治。 Don’t glorify heroes, & people will not contend.Don’t collect expensive rare goods, & people will not steal.Don’t show what people desire, & hearts will not be disturbed. Therefore the sage, when governing, empties their minds, fills their stomachs, weakens their ambitions, & strengthens their bones. They constantly instruct people lacking knowledge & desire. They […]

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    道可道,非常道。名可名,非常名。無名天地之始;有名萬物之母。故常無欲,以觀其妙;常有欲,以觀其徼。此兩者,同出而異名,同謂之玄。玄之又玄,衆妙之門。 Tao called Tao is not the eternal Tao. Names that can be named are not the eternal name. Nameless: heaven & Earth’s origin.Naming: mother of ten-thousand things. Ever desireless, one sees mystery.Ever desiring, one sees manifestations. These two spring from the same source, but differ in name; this appears as darkness. Darkness within darkness.The […]

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    天下皆知美之為美,斯惡已。皆知善之為善,斯不善已。故有無相生,難易相成,長短相較,高下相傾,音聲相和,前後相隨。是以聖人處無為之事,行不言之教;萬物作焉而不辭,生而不有。為而不恃,功成而弗居。夫唯弗居,是以不去。 Perceive all under the sky as beautiful, then there’s ugliness. Perceive all as good, then there’s bad.  Being & non-being create each other.Difficult & easy support each other.Long & short define each other.High & low depend on each other.Before & after follow each other.  Therefore sages act without doing & teach without saying.Ten-thousand things […]